Computerprofitpathway Disclaimers Notice

Last updated on Feburary 14th 2021


Income Projections

Any projections of earnings are made with the sole opinion of the creator of the specific post and is not made by a financial expert. Though keep in mind that any business or investment requires extensive effort and of course risk of potential loss of capital.

Written and Media Content

Efforts are made to put forth well researched written and other media formatted content and descriptions. However that doesn't mean the content of Computerprofitpathway is 100% factual as humans make errors and answers to questions change constantly.

Software Listings

Please be aware that any software listings available come from independent software development teams and are not created by Computerprofitpathway. These software listings that appear in the shop area are made in an attempt to share savings to new and experienced internet users. The savings displayed through the original prices marked through with a slash were calculated from the original sales pages of the development team ( who created the software ). Along with that efforts are made to only provide offers for software that have proven results. The main reason Computerprofitpathway is able to provide software at these prices is due to permissions from the original development teams.


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